Day 3 at the conference kicked off in a similar fashion to the previous days – coffee to fuel up for the first sessions in the morning!

My first session of the day was delivered by David Press & Ashwin Raghuraman – “Riot Games at the edge: Launching Valorant with…

Day 2 at AWS re:invent started with a keynote session from AWS CEO Adam Selipsky. This was the first keynote session I attended at re:Invent and still can’t believe their was an opening act of a band playing at 8am before it started!

The keynote was great to understand the…

This is part of a blog series giving a high level overview of the different services examined on the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam, to view the whole series click here.

IAM Summary

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows users/organisations to manage resources securely and set users access level.

Chloe McAteer

Software Engineer

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